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Also produced (in extremely limited numbers, probably just a few) with a 6802 board (A080-19638-D000 MPU) that looks nearly identical to the -35 MPU board.

For repair info and LED flash sequences for the - boards, see the -35 Bally repair guide as most of the information there including the LED flash codes is the same.

Cybernaut, 9/85, unknown number produced, 7-digit numeric displays.

Produced with both 6803 boardsets and the older Bally -35 boardsets, but the -35 boardset version seems to be more prevelant.

Different CPU board chip numbering to conform to Williams numbering system, Williams system11b sound board #D-11581 (speech) and small sound board interface board, Williams system11 50 volt flipper board, 6803 fuse board.

This document should help if you just bought your first (or second, or third) pinball "as-is", and hope to fix it.

If this is the case, and an idea is here that was originally yours, please notify me and I will make sure to give you credit!

Some people question whether I wrote all this material myself.

Unlike other 6803 games, BW100 has large power transformer in the lower cabinet, instead of the backbox. Interestingly this game uses weird legs; 28.5" long for the front (standard size) but 34" for the rear legs. These last 6803 games still used the Bally 6803 CPU board, the two "low res" nine segment 14-digit alphanumeric displays.

For the sound board Williams used their system 11b sound board #D-11581, and a small interface board which allowed the 6803 CPU board to talk to the System11 sound board.

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